DVHR technology integrates demand ventilation, heat recovery and economizer functionality into a single compact device.  This product is a fully DDC integrated unit with control algorithms and total HVAC system functionality.  It is currently supplemental to AC units but will ultimately integrate into most unitary products such as package rooftop AC units, split system AC units, water source heat pumps, chilled water fan coil units, and heating water fan coil units.

The major benefits this technology offers are:

   *Energy reduction in either the heating or cooling heat recovery mode resulting in 20%+ annual building savings and        30% savings in specifically HVAC system savings.

   *Combination demand ventilation and economizer system functionality.

   *Superior thermal comfort control.

    *Verifiable ASHRAE compliant indoor air quality and ventilation system performance with a new demand ventilation     system control algorithm and new highly responsive control dampers.

   *Significant rebate opportunities from utility companies.

   *Multiple construction options and versatility including 

    Small unit dimensions
    Simplified installation
    Internal bypass outside air economizer
    Minimum ductwork and connections
    Ease of commissioning
    Several sizes and configurations
    Minimal maintenance (only 2 control actuators)

Contractors experience minimal system deficiency call backs and the testing and balancing requirements of the project are reduced. If the DVHR unit is ordered with the integrating controller installed, the configuration and commissioning of the unit can be easily done at its on-board user interface.

DVHR technology is the lowest first cost total demand ventilation, heat recovery and economizer solution in the market. There are few if any structural impacts to existing or new buildings and there are no large, high profile exterior components requiring visual screening.

Dual Air Stream Damper
Integrated DVHR Assembly